Thursday, May 15, 2008

Making Money On The Internet Thanks To Social Marketing

Marketing plays a very important part in sales. If the marketing department generates a potential customer list, it can be beneficial for sales.

The marketing department's goal is to bring people to the sales team using promotional techniques such as advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations.

Social marketing is the systematic application of marketing along with other concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good.

Although social marketing is sometimes seen only as using standard commercial marketing practices to achieve non-commercial goals, this is an over-simplification.

The primary aim of social marketing is social good, while in commercial marketing the aim is primarily financial.

This does not mean that commercial marketers cannot contribute to the achievement of social good.

Today, we seem to live in a world where anyone wants something from everyone else. Even in our families, we set conditions for every reward or benefit that we can extend to another person.

Many people feel the lack of true friendship in their non-cyber lives. This can easily create a situation where they turn to the Internet.

Just as lonely people turn to the Internet, salesmen are also desperate to sell their products.

A salesman is trained to identify places where people are likely to buy specific items and likely to find them. As a result, social networks are a top place to do business.

Increasing, social marketing is being described as having "two parents", a 'social parent' where there are social sciences and social policy and a 'marketing parent', which equals commercial and public sector marketing approaches.

Here is where one learns how to make money on the Internet thanks to social marketing.

A marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

You can make money on the Internet thanks to social marketing by driving more customers "through the door" which gives the sales department a better chance by ratio of selling their product to the consumers.

There may also be a downside to this phenomenon. Very often (for legal reasons, e.g. in non-store retailing) companies have to provide credit to customers.

This may cause a conflict between the sales department and the credit department. In most large corporations, the marketing department is structured in a similar fashion to the sales department.

And the managers of these teams must coordinate their efforts to drive profits and business success.

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