Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 Internet Marketing Factors that Make Offers Work

Even superheroes have room in making your internet marketing offers work. If you are really intent in making a success story out of your business in the long run, there are four factors that will help make your offers skyrocket to fame in your target market’s world.

Number 1: High Perceived Value

The reader thinks it’s valuable. This is what will bring you the best internet marketer’s advantage. You will not even have to plug away to oblivion if you are able to convince your prospect that you are offering something of severe substantial value.

You must want high perceived value especially in relationship to the cost of what you are giving away. You really need to be able to give away something that you easily afford, and at the same time, make people think that it is valuable enough for the taking.

Number 2: Uniqueness

Most of the best advertisements come with shocking, revolutionary and unique qualities to it. The more distinct your offers are, the more you will be able to generate positive customer response. If you are giving out newsletters in a sea of newsletters, what’s the best thing you have that others don’t?

Number 3: Relevance

The offer is related to the product or the problem it helps to solve. Having an offbeat offer truly misses the point of consolidating your marketing strengths together and establishing credibility. Always stay on track, and never go beyond your niche.

If you are really up for some expansion, make sure it is still very much relevant to what you are known for. If anything, it must even dramatize your initial offer and really make sure that your prospect still knows what you are selling and it will be ingrained in his or her mind for a considerable amount of time. Tips For Bloggers

Number 4: Factor in the Desire Factor.

Something might have a high perceived value, but you may not want it. People have to want it. One may employ the importance of status symbols which are not really needs but are desired because it elevates the user to an imagined better status than when they did not have it.

Factoring in the desire factor may also be obtained by positioning part of your product as a premium, which is real easy to do with information products. You must be able to weave your words effectively so as to put your product in a premium and favorable position.

The way you say it can actually affect your sales. In example, we are selling audiocassettes. Most peoples today sell CD’s. You don’t say, “Six audiocassettes for $89.00.” Say, “You will get these four audiocassettes for $89 and if you order now two free bonus cassettes will be given.”

Offers will cease to work without the powers of the four factors that will make it successful. If you are really after gaining superior quality of prospects which can turn into your most avid buyers, make good offers and keep them guided by these four factors.


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