Sunday, September 2, 2007

Don’t get Scammed by Online Business Reviews

Are you just starting your new online business empire?

Well I was just like you not long ago, slaving away at my PC trying to find the best strategies for online business success. Throughout this period I spent heaps of my hard earned cash on information products which were meant to bring me instant riches (or so it was claimed). After wasting money on products which didn’t deliver on their promises and unscrupulous webmasters not living up to the money back guarantee, I thought a change of tack was necessary.

Instead of reading the information products marketing pages, I thought I would be smart and try and get some independent third party advice from product review sites. As I was a complete novice, I thought, there had to be people on the web who had been through this search for good products and would give honest product reviews. I was wrong!

I bought products which had great reviews on these ‘independent’ business review sites. However I was still getting stung by inferior products which didn’t deliver. This is when I asked myself the question. Why is it so hard to find honest, independent product review information?

I know I was a bit slow on the uptake (actually a mentally challenged monkey, would have caught on quicker than what I did). However that is when I started reading about affiliate programs.

The light bulb was turned on in my brain (a true eureka moment) and that is when I realised, the review sites were affiliates of the products they were selling. This meant that if I bought a product through a link on the business review sites, the review site received a percentage (generally over 50 %!) of the sale. Not a bad deal really, considering all the hard work is done by the product creator.

I smelt a rat and after further investigation I found out that most of the reviews aren’t reviews at all. They were merely marketing advertisements written by the products creators and cut and paste onto the business review sites. What a scam! None of the review sites told me about their ulterior motive and to be honest I was very annoyed especially after investing so much of my money and time.

This is when I thought, why not start my own website which gives honest reviews of information products, written by someone other than the product’s creators (i.e. me)? So I did. I don’t want you to get scammed and waste your money like I did. There needs to be more honesty, integrity and business transparency on the web.

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