Thursday, September 13, 2007

Applying Flash to your Web Site

Nowadays, Flash design is a very common thing used throughout the World Wide Web. From all the moving ad banners and little video clips to animations and presentations, most of these great features are created with Flash. Of course using Macromedia Flash has its advantages and set backs, but I think we can all agree that it is an effective and simple program.

When using Flash, designers are capable of adding music, sound effects and motion to their webpage HTML sites. Also, using flash permits you to have greater interactivity with your public, which they usually enjoy. This software can simply be used to add specific features such as animations and presentations to your HTML website or it can be used to design an entire interactive webpage. The various things a web designer can pull off with Flash is virtual limitless.

But like I said before, Flash has its advantages and disadvantages. The following listing will give you a few facts and tips about applying Flash to your site that you may find helpful.

1. Flash can capture the attention of the general public very well and can leave a great first impression for your business.

2. Flash can be used to create and design countless features.

3. Sounds, music, animations, etc. can be integrated within your page to better explain your product or business in a interesting and interactive manner.

4. Flash can give an impression of professionalism to your clients, giving your page a look that your site is up to date on technology.

5. Studies show that a ratio of 95% of internet users are capable of viewing Flash features, leaving only a small percentage of the population that cannot.

Although all of this sounds very tempting, applying Flash also involves more work. Websites involving Flash features require extensive planning and programming. But in the end, if your website is designed beautifully using Macromedia Flash, you won’t regret it.

About The Author

Brian Lee works in the SEO department for NRJ design, a Montreal Web design company.


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