Thursday, September 6, 2007

AdSense and Your Income

Google Adsense, as you all know, can make a great secondary income to your main website, or if you decide on an info site, a fairly decent income thru Google Adsense alone, if you know how to do it. But what is the right way and what is the wrong way of utilizing Adsense?

The basic generic elements to utilizing Adsense are content, display ads and traffic. That’s not so hard. Right? Well, what seems so simple can be very deceptively difficult. Granted, it’s not hard if you have the facts. People like Joel Comm and Michael Cheney have perfected Google Adsense through experimentation and testing on their websites to end up making a nice income from Google Adsense alone. But as you notice, their site is based around quality content and a set theme.

You can experiment and test yourself (start with Ad formats tutorials through Google) or you can get Joel Comm or Michael Cheney’s ebooks to help you achieve your goal. But no matter which way you go, through your own experimentation or with the help aids of a Guru, remember to follow the rules of Google.

Let me emphasize quality content, because some people are inundating the Internet, with what some people call, “junk” websites. Which by the way, are websites that offer less then quality content with the sole purpose of only getting clicks.

In fact, in my forum travels, I read a post where a webmaster was giving up his/her website, even though it had made around $10,000 because of all the hoopla about Adsense sites. What was my first initial question? Does or did this person have a junk site and was dropped by Google, or did this person’s income flat-line?

Creating an Adsense site using “article crawling machines” or other automated article systems is what Michael Cheney’s says is “like trying to build a brick house with out mortar”. These systems may get you up and running in the short run, but running a business in that matter, can definitely put your sense of accomplishment in the toilet and give your website and business a short run.. And yes, then you would probably need hundreds of websites with thousands of pages.

Can you create a website with quality content and make good money with Adsense – certainly. Google gives numerous examples of quality content with the use of Adsense. For example, look at – a quality website that pulls in $1400 a day in Adsense income.

Thus, if you are looking for longevity on the web, go with a theme that interests you with quality content. Then you won’t need hundreds of websites or thousands of pages and you can build your traffic and a viable income, while keeping both your credibility and integrity intake.

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